How to Systematically Fill Your Job Interview Pipeline and Get an Offer from Your A-List Companies in as Little as Three Weeks

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Next Step?

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Ready For The

Next Step?

See Below For More Details.

Win Every Interview

Win Every Interview is an immersive career mastery experience, including an in-depth online course for jobseekers, live weekly group coaching, and an interactive 24/7 online community including hiring managers, recruiters, resume writers, career coaches, all here to help you thrive.

By the end of this course, you'll master:

  • How to define your why and align it to a company’s purpose

  • How to understand and communicate within other people’s motivations and expectations

  • How to craft your value story and sell yourself to different stakeholders

  • How to build your personal brand and prove your thought leadership

  • How to create and find opportunities before they hit the public job boards

  • How to dazzle the interviewer BEFORE the interview

  • How to win every single interview

  • How to leave a lasting impression that makes you the front runner

  • How to systematically fill your pipeline to get an offer in less than three weeks

  • How to master the mindset you’ll need to thrive

  • How to make an immediate impact in your first 30 days

  • How to build a professional portfolio that sells you when you’re not in the room

Within no time, you'll take control of your career, win every interview, and prove you're the best and only fit to dominate in your desired role, without spinning your wheels and losing precious time and money.

Who Is This For?

• Jobseekers

• Those looking to level up

• Recent grads

Results To Expect:

• Take control and operate like the CEO of your career

• Create endless opportunities effortlessly

• Confidently win the job you want, any time

• Become a top-producing asset from day one

• Live a life by design, free from worry, fear, or financial difficulty

• Thrive in this role while bridging towards the next

• Join a huge community, ready to support you



Ready to take the next step?

I inherited a brand new sales org and had never operated in a leadership capacity before.

Sarah was the first person in my career that demonstrated the importance of not just equipping and empowering new reps and new hires, but provide leadership and executive coaching to maximize my output in the role.

She created processes, tools, and taught me how to coach my reps in a way that motivated their performance.

Before Sarah, I thought all coaching was essentially bossing people around or putting people in their place. But with Sarah, she taught me how to empower and inspire greater performance in others. You can provide empathetic feedback in a way that's not adversarial. A trait I'll take with me for the rest of my career.


VP of Sales

I only had two weeks of onboarding before I had to start producing. Thankfully, I had the world's best coach in my corner.

In just two weeks, I felt like I not only had a perfect handle on this hyper-complex product and company that I represented, but I had a mastery and confidence on how I ran my operation.

Sarah taught me how to think and operate as the CEO of my role, within the greater company at large. That was a significant mind shift for me that has paid dividends.

By the end of coaching with Sarah, I became the fastest ramped account executive in company history, and personally honored by our CRO during our company all hands.


Senior Enterprise Account Executive

I was amazed with how much Sarah gave and accomplished in such a short time.

She came in and made an immediate impact in helping our organization get a masterful understanding of our customer, our industry, and how to navigate the complexity of global supply chain.

Sarah's a masterful teacher in a way I've never experienced before. She has creative ways of helping you master concepts and relate across the whole process in a way I hadn't thought of or understood before.


Senior Enterprise Account Director