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What's It Like To

Work With Me?

Get to know me through those I've served 👇

What's It Like To

Work With Me?

Get to know me through those I've served 👇

Sarah's energy is infectious. She is incredibly passionate about helping people learn and grow.

I've never seen such rapid transformation for the 3,000 people she supported in over 10 years with the company.

In her impressive career, Sarah has been an individual contributor, leader, executive, and an enablement leader, bringing a wide range of experience and thoughtful perspective to all the teams she empowers.

She is an exceptional communicator and strategic disruptor with a sterling reputation of bringing innovative ideas that enrich and enable the teams and the organizations that she leads, and the best part is that she is an absolute joy to work with.

In less than 3 months, she created an entirely reimagined onboarding and performance acceleration system for our GTM teams. The output of that training accelerated performance 8x faster and increased revenue by 30%.

Sarah's that rare find that not only gets it, but she's so sincerely invested in those she helps. There's not a person that isn't that much better or grateful for having worked with her.

I highly recommend Sarah.


Chief People Officer

I was unemployed for over a year before finding Sarah. Within two weeks, I got a stellar job offer from my dream job. The CEO said my interview was the best he'd experienced in over 20 years, so much so that they raised the salary and title ($30,000 more than I expected)!


Not only did she impact every single one of my team members and make them better - she made me an exceptionally better leader.

The training that Sarah created and presented to our teams has been incredibly helpful in multiple ways. She has improved my coaching sessions with each one of my reps. My reps have also improved in the types of conversations that they have had and it is not uncommon to hear about breakthroughs that are happening because of the content that was delivered.


Director of Account Development

Sarah is one of the most intelligent, hard-working and passionate enablement coaches I know (and my company supported over 10,000 performance coaches).

Masterful at her craft, she truly understands the mind of a rep and knows what they need in order to achieve success.

Even though it wasn't her job, she took the time to coach me up on numerous occasions and I'm 100% a better rep by having worked with her.


Enterprise Account Executive

Sarah is such a joy to work with.

One of the initial challenges I had at Recurly was managing a wide spectrum of sales skill sets, from younger AEs to more experienced. But with Sarah, my team instantly became the top producing across the company.

Sarah is amazing at bringing her total base of experience to help develop training tools to manage this situation effectively.

And she's amazingly positive! I truly appreciated her work ethic, combined with this amazing spirit, that helped to deliver multiple deliverables to my team.


SVP of Strategic Enterprise

Up until I met Sarah, I'd only been through "one size fits all" training / onboarding and it's exhausting. However, from the day I met Sarah - she asked thought-provoking questions, combined with her best in class people skills I felt like I was heard and respected as an individual.

Not only during our time together did she make an effort to check in with me personally, but she's been a collaborator and a mentor I will follow for years to come.

She is an asset and a champion you need in your corner.


Enterprise Business Development Rep

Sarah is a valuable coach! Very organized, informed and ready to collaborate with any room she stepped into.

She always brings great energy to any project that she is undertaking and is proactive in her outreach and communication with her teams.

I spent time collaborating with Sarah on trainings for my team and she was always receptive and open to feedback and did a great job of including different viewpoints and pushing our team to think outside of the box.


Account Development, Team Lead

Sarah is an incredible team player and brings great energy, positivity and brilliant ideas to each meeting.

Sarah is a true asset to any team and I highly recommend her knowledge and expertise on how to get the most out of a team.


Senior Director of Product Marketing EMEA

Sarah is full of passion, positive energy and motivation. She is very organized and proactive in communicating with the team.

Sarah truly just wants to see you succeed and is more than open to guiding you to do so.

I thank Sarah for the lessons she taught me in sales. She will always give 110%…no, infinite % effort.


Enterprise Account Development

The training content Sarah creates and delivers is sensational. She creates a safe and professional learning experience for each person, while bringing it to a personal level that connects with each person.

Most training is forgotten as soon as the student leaves the classroom - Not with Sarah. My team is still applying every concept they've learned from her still to this day. In fact, it has created a continued conversation about the training in break rooms and across the sales floor.

Sarah not only brings the "text book" experience to the classroom, but real life experience with each one of the principles that she is teaching as well. This has helped me and my teams put into application the time spent in the classroom.


Senior Manager of Account Development


The training and coaching that Sarah provided for her sales team at Coupa was top-notch! She came in and revamped the way her team approached modern technology selling.

Sarah utilizes a style of coaching that is effective for all learning styles and most importantly, it is scalable! She provided our team with extensive training during our onboarding that consisted of interactive learning sessions and effective role plays with immediate feedback.

Sarah gave our team the guidance and encouragement to keep going in the stressful life that is software sales. I recommend that more sales organizations run their enablement programs in the fashion Sarah has because it is something drastically missing in a majority of organizations. Thus, having Sarah as a part of your sales enablement team is an investment you must make if you want to win long term as a sales organization.

If you must take away one thing about Sarah when it comes to describing her as a professional, it would be she shows up and gives 100% each day. She reminded our team that the rent in life is due everyday and that is something I live by now in all aspects of life.



I inherited a brand new sales org and had never operated in a leadership capacity before.

Sarah was the first person in my career that demonstrated the importance of not just equipping and empowering new reps and new hires, but provide leadership and executive coaching to maximize my output in the role.

My team went from being brand new to becoming the top performing revenue segment in company history in less than four weeks.

She created processes, tools, and taught me how to coach my reps in a way that motivated their performance.

Before Sarah, I thought all coaching was essentially bossing people around or putting people in their place. But with Sarah, she taught me how to empower and inspire greater performance in others. You can provide empathetic feedback in a way that's not adversarial. A trait I'll take with me for the rest of my career.




When it comes to getting the best out of people, Sarah brings wonderful passion for empowering every team member to truly understand their customers' unique needs and challenges, and is never hesitant to lean in fully and support the field in their journey to succeed, as if she was carrying their number herself.



I was unemployed for over a year before finding Sarah. Within two weeks, I got a stellar job offer from my dream job. The CEO said my interview was the best he'd experienced in over 20 years, so much so that he upgraded the salary and title.



Sarah's an enthusiastic and passionate leader. She really cares about building a great team culture, enabling reps to see the bigger picture + understand pains, and is a great collaborator.



Sarah is a wonderful coach!

Brilliant, empathetic, understands exactly how people think and how to exceed expectations.

After working with Sarah just twice, I won my excellent new job (Global Head of Revenue Enablement) at Juniper!!



From my first meeting with Sarah, I could tell she was full of unique ideas to create optimal alignment cross-functionally.

She exudes great energy and excitement for her work, and I loved working with her.

Sarah is always level-headed, professional, and truly kind - an ideal colleague. Her experience and insights are invaluable.

You're sensationally lucky if you get the opportunity to work with her.



Sarah's the biggest reason I have my job.

She helped me understand my value as it related across the entire organization and helped me think bigger.

There is no way I could've gotten this job if I couldn't have communicated at the level Sarah taught me.



I have had the opportunity and pleasure of working with Sarah as a partner and as my manager.

Sarah's a great leader, and she is very willing to share her ideas and offer assistance to all of her team members and all the people that report to her.

Sarah is a true leader and a consummate professional in all that she does. Couldn't recommend her higher.



Sarah saw something in me that I hadn't seen in myself. She's relentlessly bought into those she serves, even if they doubt themselves.

Had she not invested all of her all in me, I would never have gotten this role, but I also wouldn't be the leader that I am to my people.

Because of Sarah, I'm leading a team I'm proud of and have been promoted twice in this incredibly difficult market. Couldn't have done it without her.



I only had two weeks of onboarding before I had to start producing. Thankfully, I had the world's best coach in my corner.

In just two weeks, I felt like I not only had a perfect handle on this hyper-complex product and company that I represented, but I had a mastery and confidence on how I ran my operation.

Sarah taught me how to think and operate as the CEO of my role, within the greater company at large. That was a significant mind shift for me that has paid dividends.

By the end of coaching with Sarah, I became the fastest ramped account executive in company history, and personally honored by our CRO during our company all hands.



I'm amazed with how much Sarah gives and accomplishes in such a short time.

She came in and made an immediate impact in helping our organization get a masterful understanding of our customer, our industry, and how to navigate the complexity of global supply chain.

Sarah's a masterful teacher in a way I've never experienced before. She has creative ways of helping you master concepts and relate across the whole process in a way I hadn't thought of or understood before.