How to Systematically Fill Your Job Interview Pipeline and Get an Offer from Your A-List Companies in as Little as Three Weeks

The Program's

Distinctly Different.

The Program's

Distinctly Different.

In Order For A Coaching Program To Deliver Results That Transforms Lives and Careers...

It Must Have 3 Components:


Cutting edge strategies with a proven track record of results


World-class support



Unfortunately, most coaching programs fall into one of two categories: they just teach you what to do or they teach a bunch of theory without practical strategies.

But you’re smart enough to know that it’s not enough to just teach someone what to do. You need someone to guide you step-by-step and coach you at each step along the path to your goals. And you also realize that having a coach just teach you theory without practical strategies is nothing more than an expensive form of babysitting.

The truth is that most coaches don’t care. And the ones that do? Most don’t have a strategy that really works and creates lasting results. Their programs are either built around hyping you up or keeping you busy so that you don’t realize that what they’re teaching isn’t really working.

We love our members. We have cutting-edge strategies developed in the trenches for over 18 years that get results.

We have world-class support and coaching that can’t be matched. And we’ve simplified it all down so that you get results right now because we know you don’t have time to waste.

It’s also the reason that our clients predictably win every interview and become top producers for their new employers in no time.

Here Are 3 Reasons You Should NOT Do Business With Us...

Unlike other coaching programs out there, we’re not for everyone. So here are three reasons you should NOT do business with us.


Don’t Work With Us If You Don't Want A Quick Result.

Do our clients get amazing results? Absolutely.

But they also worked their butts off. Just because we’ve simplified things down into a proven strategy that works every time it’s applied, doesn’t mean that it will be "quick and easy".

Your results are 100% up to you.


Don’t Work With Us If You’re Not 100% Committed To Your Success.

Getting the results you want will take your full commitment.

Some people are happy just doing the bare minimum. Our clients want more.

Transformations require you to transform. Our clients want to finally break through what's been holding them back and achieve the success they've always wanted.

And they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. So if that’s not you, we still love you, but you’re not ready to work with us.


Don’t Work With Us If You’re Not Willing To Do The Work

If you think that simply joining a coaching program (including ours) is enough to get you the results you would be mistaken.

Our successful clients show up every day coachable, decisive, and willing to do the work. They do exactly what we ask them to do. They don't make excuses. They pushed through their setbacks, overwhelm, challenges, and fears. They owned their results and earned their success.

Our successful members are able to achieve incredible results because they are willing to work hard and follow the simple and proven process that we've created for them.

So Let's Talk About Who We Are For...

If you’re a jobseeker, ready to transform and take control of your career, you're in the right place. However, we do have some simple criteria you need to meet before we decide we're a great fit to work together:

  • You must show up coachable and ready-to-learn.

  • You must take action. While it's easy to get stuck in paralysis analysis, that's the surest way to not get results.

  • And you must be all in and ready to work. You will be highly successful, but it requires your dedicated effort.

If you’re ready to build a take control of your career, then click the button below to watch the masterclass.

In it, I reveal the step-by-step strategies we use to prove value to any interviewer in two simple steps.

The Result: I secured an offer from one of my A-list companies within two weeks of working with Sarah.

Sarah's been a remarkable coach and mentor. Every time we speak, three themes leap out:

- Extreme mastery of her craft

- She lives and breathes radical candor

- She's remarkably good at getting to the heart of things, whether that happens to be a GTM pain point, or some underlying perspective that's holding me back

Sarah's the kind of talent you want to fill your bench with, but that's so ridiculously hard to find.

Been unspeakably fortunate to have her in my corner.


VP of Sales

Sarah's thoughtful and intelligent approach made a tremendous impact to each and every one of the 300+ team members I'm responsible for.

She absolutely "lifts up the sleeves" to do the work and then communicates her findings and recommendations with a style that just builds trust and credibility.

I have had the tremendous opportunity to work with some incredible people during my time at a number of terrific technology companies (Oracle, NetSuite and now Recurly) and Sarah is 100% one of the most talented people I've worked with.


SVP of Account Expansion

Sarah is extremely passionate about unlocking people's potential through knowledge and mastery of their craft. She believes in the importance of not just understanding the what and how but the WHY. I've never been so blown away or learned so much from a coach than I have learned from Sarah.


Head of Data Science

Sarah is an outstanding leader and coach - she has a wealth of experience and most importantly, Sarah is so generous with her time - always willing to jump in and help colleagues or strangers grow and learn from her.

Sarah knows how to make others think differently, and how to get to the root cause/solution in any situation while doing so in an incredibly collaborative way.

I landed my job after coaching with her once.


Cybersecurity Account Executive

I’m always impressed by her empathetic leadership and well-thought execution.

What I valued most in my time working with Sarah was her passion for motivating every team member and her willingness to spend time with them to bring out the best for every person across the organization.

While Sarah is truly a seasoned professional, she truly cares about hearing from others. She remains highly in touch with her people and seeks every opportunity to remain open-minded and coachable herself — an incredible trait!


Head of Data Analytics

I had the gift of working with Sarah. Her ability to get to the deepest layer of what's holding me back and providing incredible encouragement for my growth catapulted my success so quickly.

I went from an entry-level BDR to head of business development within six months of working with Sarah.

Her vast knowledge and exceptional coaching execution is incredibly impressive. Sarah's energy and positivity are infectious. She is an incredibly motivated forward-thinker and would be an asset to anyone looking to level up.


Head of Business Development